Walking on Stilts

Learn to Walk on Walking Stilts Using These Simple Steps
By Kelly Omalley

Walking and running on running stilts and walking stilts was invented a long time ago. It is an art just like a lot of other sports, with the skill of playing the sport you also need the art of playing the sport, this holds truth for running stilts and walking stilts.

If you want to learn to walk on such stilts then off course you will want to achieve this in a very short span of time with as little effort as possible! Walking or running from such heights will help you view the world in a totally new way! The height is granted to add some excitement to your life!

Beginners should always begin with a low pair of stilts. Remember to wearing knee protection and elbow pads, a helmet and even some sort of mouth protection; so that if there is a fall they don't hurt themselves very badly. The lower the stilts the less the distance you will fall. The more the protective gadgets you are wearing the less you will get hurt if you do fall!

Try walking near a wall so you can hold onto the wall to try and keep balance at first. Walking on a smooth surface can also be helpful when in this situation of using the stilts for the first time. When practicing on running stilts and walking stilts walk close to some place you can hold onto if you are falling. By doing this you'll give yourself an easy out if you do start to fall. If this is not possible then try and have a spotter near you so they can help you if you start to fall.

Spread your legs out when walking on the walking stilts. Walk as though you are marching. This way you are less likely too fall. Make sure to spread your legs out and when you put your feet down try and put it down exactly on the ground.

The longer the running stilts and walking stilts the bigger the distance that can be covered by them. However, you should always start with the shorter running stilts and walking stilts since they are easier to practice on. Once you have mastered the concept then you can acquire larger stilts.

When you start walking on your sticks take steps constantly or frequently. This way you are less likely to fall. If you take a step and then stop you will loss your balance and fall! The best way to go with running stilts and walking stilts is to start off slow and work your way up. Don't try taking off running unless your goal is to fall!

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