Buying Stilts for Children

What's So Great About Buying Stilts For A Child?
By Tom Drazek

Stilts are a great way for your child to improve their balance and coordination. They don't cost much, but they help your child obtain the necessary skills they'll need as they get older. It's also an activity that will keep them moving and exercising, resulting in better health.

Children always want to grow up sooner than they can. They pretend to act and play like grownups. Using stilts makes them taller giving them the impression that they are older. They are fun once your child gets the hang of them.

There are many varieties and sizes of stilts. Some are made out of wood, some plastic and some aluminum. The wooden ones might be too heavy for younger children so the plastic ones might be a better idea. Some are adjustable so you'll be able to still use them as your child grows. They are also padded and molded to make them more comfortable. And since they are low to the ground, and light in weight, your child will not get hurt if they fall off.

As mentioned before, stilts will help your child develop their balance and coordination. Bicycle riding involves using your arms and legs together with balance to keep you going. These are the same movements used for using stilts only faster. So, once your child gets used to these movements on stilts, it will be easier for them to learn how to ride a bike because the movements are similar. Basketball is another activity that involves the same movements as using stilts.

Here's a reason why parents will find stilts useful. Too many children today play on the computer or watch TV. They sit in the same spot using nothing more than their fingers, and we all know what happens to us adults when we don't have enough exercise. Using stilts will get them outside exercising and playing. Other children will be intrigued resulting in socializing. More exercise will also result in a better appetite and better sleep since they will be more active.

My article is purely based on my experience. I am a parent of 3 and since my children use stilts, I have experienced all the benefits pointed out in this article. As a matter of fact, my son started using monster feet, which are a great beginners set.

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