Fun with Peg Stilts

Peg Stilts As a Form of Fun and Entertainment
By Melissa Magicand Brandon Huston

Stilting or stilt walking on peg stilts can be a great way to exercise, maintain motor skills, and even make new friends. Stilting teaches coordination in children and adults. It's an exciting way to become stronger and to stay fit. It's an activity that can be learned at virtually any age, and you don't need much more than stilts to get started.

Stilting has become more popular over the past few years. You can see stilting on the internet, in a parade, at a circus, or you may have seen a stilt walker at a corporate party or event! More people are becoming interested in the art of stilt walking. You can learn in practically any city by attending a workshop, or hiring an instructor.

There are many kinds of stilts to choose from. The most common are Peg Stilts. Peg stilts are good for the beginner adult or child. They are light weight, and easy to strap on and off. Ordering a pair online is simple and there are many options.

When you do get yourself a pair of peg stilts, get a friend, your knee pads, helmet and head to an even, but firm piece of ground. You don't want soft grass, it's too slick for a beginning stilter. Nor do you want steps or gravel to deal with. Your friend will act as your "spotter". He or she will lend you his or her shoulder to help you get used to your new legs. You will have to have a place high enough for you to put your stilts on, that way it's easier to stand up. Sit on a car, on a high railing of a porch, etc. Your friend can help you stand up, and be there to support your weight as you "become" tall. It depends on the height of the stilts you choose, as to where you will be starting off from.

You can choose sizes anywhere from 1 foot to 3 foot, or taller. Most of the people I see on stilts are using 2 to 3 foot stilts. There are even Poweriser Jumping Stilts. These are not for everybody. Strap on a pair of these and soon you'll be running at speeds up to 20mph, jumping cars and even doing flips! There are many videos of people using these "Jumping Stilts". Check them out, you may like them.

Stilting will make you the center of attention, no matter where you are. Once you have walking and maybe even "falling correctly" down, you can start running, dancing, and even do "Acro-stilting". That's with a lot more practice though... Strap on your new peg stilts, get "high", and discover a new world. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Stilting!

Melissa Magic

Brandon Huston has been learning, teaching and performing circus skills for the past 10 years. He travels to music festivals during the summers where he performs fire and circus shows and teaches people of all ages how to spin poi, hula hoop, juggle, stilt, learn devil sticks, practice Acrobatic Partner Yoga and more. Make sure to go to // for more information and to take advantage of one of our free online lessons //

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