About Drywall Stilts

Things You Need To Know About Drywall Stilts
By Sturt Clark

The popularity of drywall stilt increased from the day when it was designed. It can be used for various purposes. Whether it is for painting, repairing or installing purpose, you will definitely need a it. All these tasks are quite difficult and cannot be completed without a stilt. Most common thing that we use to reach regular heights is a ladder. Working on a ladder can prove to be risky. Moreover, it is really difficult to move from one place to another with the help of a ladder. You may need to get up and down number of times while placing a drywall with a ladder. To ease this problem, drywall stilt is invented. It has served the purpose well. Any construction or wall painting project can be completed very easily and within a short period of time with the help of these stilts. Moreover, it also reduces the number of movements.

It is true that drywall stilt can result into slower strides in movement. But it is time-saving. One thing that everyone should keep in mind while using this stilt is to step on the safe areas. Stepping on risky portions can cause accidents. Make it sure that the stilt is used on a flat or plain surface. Using it on a polished or slippery floor can prove to be dangerous. Before working with these you need to check whether you have all the tools or materials (such as drywall screw gun, tapes, knives, drywall sander and hammer) with you. You can carry them in a belt bag or put them on a ladder near you.

There is no doubt in the fact that drywall stilts are a more practical approach. These items are easy to install and use. But it is not suitable for all. Those with a strong sense of balance can use it. Body weight does matter in this case. Fat and heavy weight persons should not use it. People with different health problems (like bone problems, obese, vertigo) are also advised to avoid using it. You need to raise the ladder to strap the stilts. Make it sure that the straps are snug at the calf and ankle areas. You need to check whether your stilt is safe to use or not before strapping.

Check whether the straps and bolts are placed well and good in condition. To avoid fall or accident you need to be cautious. It is practical and wise on your part to use these stilts for your drywall painting, repair or installation. You can buy it from department stores or else you can order online

For more information on drywall stilts, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the drywall stilt!

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