About Stilts

Stilts can be a pole or poles, pillars or post. Used to stand something higher than what it would stand on its own. Buildings along soft beaches or in flood plains use stilts to keep them dry and away from water. Walking Stilts are mostly used for entertainment. In more recent years they have been used for new and exciting sports.

Stilt birds is any of a number of species of bird that have long legs used for walking in water and fishing.

Types of Stilts

Hand-held Stilts: Great stilts for children and beginners. The main pole goes all the way up to be held for easy balance and control.

Peg Stilts/ Chinese Stilts: These stilts are most common for performers. Usually made of wood they come to right below the knee then strap on your leg.

Drywall Stilts/ Dura Stilts: Most useful stilts. The favorite tool of many drywallers and painters. These stilts don’t have to continually move like most stilts. Like peg stilts they strap below the knee. They’re usually made of aluminum.

Digitigrade stilts/ Fawn Foot: These stilts are used mostly for costumes. They follow your foot not your leg, making them curve like an animal’s leg.

Jumping Stilts/ Spring Stilts: These stilts are the newest thing in extreme sports. They were patented in the United States in 2004. These stilts have the feel of a Pogo Stick. They allow you to run at high speeds and jump to incredible heights. They are made of a fiberglass bow spring and aluminium frame.